Are Aliens Supernatural?

Anyone with an active interest in the supernatural or paranormal would serve themselves well by taking a moment to think on what these terms actually mean. Supernatural literally means “outside of nature”, whereas paranormal equates to “beyond normal”. When used, both terms imply that something falls outside of the normal bounds of human existential understanding. If a supernatural phenomenon is scientifically explained in a manner that fits our understanding, it ceases to be supernatural and becomes natural. The Northern Lights are a perfect example of this.

One of the reasons why I am disinclined to discuss extraterrestrials on this website is because alien beings can not properly be classed as either supernatural or paranormal. The probable existence of extraterrestrials does not challenge modern human scientific understanding in anyway whatsoever.  The idea that other sentient beings populate the universe does not exceed the bounds of our normality – we are after all surrounded by other species of animal on this planet, so why not throughout the universe? Even the belief that extraterrestrials have visited the Earth is scientifically reasonable, given that we humans have travelled in space. Plus, when you consider the vastness of the universe, mathematics alone suggests that the existence of other [more] advanced life forms is highly probable.

The question of whether aliens should be classed as supernatural / paranormal, actually raises a much broader question about whether these terms have any use at all.  In modern parlance, the terms have taken on a connotation that is different from their literal meaning. They are synonymous with unscientific fantasy and imply that something is unexplainable and opposed to rational thought, rather than merely inferring that something is yet to be explained. This is a false division, which inhibits human understanding. For this reason, I prefer the term “unexplained” to either paranormal or supernatural, but unfortunately, the name “British-Unexplained” doesn’t quite have the right ring to it.

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  1. I am contacting you from a TV production company called Boundless Productions, part of the Fremantle Media Group, based in London. We are currently producing a major international series for the Discovery Channel (USA/Canada & Europe).

    This 8-part series explores the science behind man-made phenomena, creations, and places. This could be anything from cutting edge technology to extraordinary tasks being carried out in the name of science to a scientific detective story trying to explain a strange occurrence on our planet.

    We are very interested in speaking with someone who has had an experience where they were abducted by aliens or had what is known as Old Hag Syndrome where they have felt a presence pressing down on them. We are interested in featuring this in a story where we try and explain what happened but essentially we are looking for great characters who are willing to talk about this experience.

    I wonder if you might be able to post something on your website or pass this email on to readers?

    Do let me know your thoughts.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards,


    Sarah Barber

    A: 20-21 Newman St London W1T 1PG
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  2. I’m 40trs and hav lived with paranormal phenomena since very young chilid it has I believe been a attachment of evil around me since a baby from my name being called out by a recognisable voice an no one is there to getting pictures on camera knowing how a place look 30yrs or more before my birth seeing things to happen in dreams allways bad things strat a conversation with friends when I have ust turned up an knew nothing of what they were speaking about now am growling in my sleep its not my voice furniture has vibrated when I’m on it can you help

    1. My best advice to you is to try not to give this too much energy. I mean that literally. Try to ignore it, the less recognition and focus you give this, the less powerful it will become.

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