British Cemeteries

Pet Cemetery at Preston Manor, Brighton

Brighton is well known for its quirkiness and eccentricity, so it should come as little surprise that the seaside resort plays host to its very own mid-Victorian pet cemetery, complete with inscribed gravestones. Located within the walled garden of Preston Manor, the pet cemetery has been in use for over 150 years, becoming the final resting place of some Brighton's most well-kept pets.

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Medieval Graveyard at St. Peter's Chuch, Preston Village, Brighton

The graveyard at St. Peter's Church in Preston village, Brighton is almost 1000 years old. Over the centuries, as more and more mortal remains have been interred in its earth, the small plot of land has risen up above the surrounding area. Rumoured to be haunted by a group of black cloaked monks, the graveyard has an undeniably spooky atmosphere. 

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Woodvale Cemetery, Brighton

Woodvale Cemetery in Brighton is a Gothic masterpiece of Victorian macabre. Spread over 20 acres of land, the cemetery contains some very lavish tombs and graves. Over the years, the cemetery has laid to rest the great and good of Brighton, including politicians, entertainers, decorated war heroes, businessmen and even a renowned circus master. It also has the slightly darker claim to fame of being the location of Aleister Crowley's "Black Mass" funeral.

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St. Mary's Church Graveyard, Walberton, West Sussex

St. Mary's Church in Walberton is home to an impressive, ancient cemetery. Today, the majority of gravestones surrounding the church date from the early Victorian era, though there are a number of notable exceptions. The cemetery is particularly well-known for its pictorial, decorative tombs, including that of Charles Cook, whose life-story and dramatic death are depicted in cartoon form on the front of his grave.

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