Creepy Cursed Mystery Parcels Received in Bristol

Curses have long fascinated paranormal enthusiasts. The idea that an object may carry evil powers, capable of causing great harm to living individuals, features heavily in supernatural tales from throughout the ages. When British Paranormal received the following report, we naturally questioned whether what was being described was a curse or merely a strange coincidence. You decide and let us know what you think.

This is a very strange story. I am not sure if it is supernatural or just a weird coincidence, but after 10 years of keeping this to myself, I’ve decided to finally share the story with you.

It all started shortly after I moved to a new property in Bristol. It was the first place that I actually owned, so I was really excited to move in and start making a solid home. It was a pretty unassuming building, built in the late Victorian era. The only thing that seemed slightly off about the place was it’s back garden. It always gave me the creeps for some reason. It just seemed a bit bleak and unwelcoming I guess.

Anyway, everything went pretty well at the house in the first few weeks. I even managed to get the garden looking nice, so I was really beginning to feel at home. For a while after I moved in, I received a lot of post for the former owner. In fact it was the only mail I received. It was only junk-mail so I just crossed through the address and dropped it back in a post box. However, one day I received something that was definitely not junk mail. I was about to leave for work one morning when I noticed an oblong parcel sitting on my doorstep. It was wrapped in brown paper and addressed to me. The address was handwritten in what looked like fountain pen ink. I didn’t have time to open the parcel, so I placed it inside my front door, then left for work.

When I got home from work I immediately remembered the parcel. It had played on my mind all day. I wasn’t expecting any parcels and I didn’t recognise the handwriting. Tentatively, I unpeeled the wrapping paper. I was unsure what was inside, so took care with it as I opened it. Folding back the paper, I found the parcel contained a plain shoe box. Puzzled, I opened the box to find that it was stuffed with shredded newspaper and, as far as I could see, nothing else. Feeling a little freaked out, I decided to take the unusual step of re-wrapping the parcel, so that I could return it to the Post Office as unsolicited mail.

For one reason or another I couldn’t find time to return the parcel to the Post Office, so it sat gathering dust in my kitchen for a couple of weeks. I’d almost forgotten it was even there when I was suddenly reminded. As I was leaving for work one morning, I noticed something laying on my front step. It was the parcel. I remember thinking “how the **** did that get there?”. I stooped down to pick it up and gazed at it in my hands. It was then I noticed something really strange. It wasn’t the package I had received a couple of weeks a go, it was a new package again addressed to me, but post marked two days ago. The other package was still sitting where I had left it in the kitchen.

The new parcel was identical to the first, with exactly the same dimensions, exactly the same wrapping paper and exactly the same handwriting and pen ink. I was already late for work, so I put the new package with the old one and headed out the door. That day I couldn’t help but puzzle over who was sending me these parcels and why. I regularly buy things on ebay, so I wracked my brain to think whether I had ordered anything that hadn’t arrived, but nothing came to mind.

When I got home from work I immediately remembered the second mystery parcel and set about opening it quickly. Inside I again found a plain shoe box filled with shredded newspaper, but this time there was an old black and white photo laying amongst the paper. It was faded with age, but showed a middle-aged man wearing glasses and dressed in a white suite. It looked like it had been taken in a pub, but apart from that, there was nothing else to indicate who this person was or where the picture had been taken. I turned it over to look at the back. Written in the same ink and handwriting as the address was the word “Jupiter” and nothing else. For whatever reason, the photo made me feel really uncomfortable, so I put it back in the box quickly.

It took a couple of days before my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to re-open the first package to check I hadn’t missed anything. I wish I hadn’t now. I wish I had sent it back to the post office instead. Emptying out the contents, I found another photo was laying at the bottom of the box. It was of a much younger man and it looked like it had been taken in the 1980s. On the back was written the word “Budapest”. Unlike the first photo, the man was outside, standing in front of a car with a license plate in clear view. Again, there was something particularly haunting about the picture, which made me shudder. It’s difficult to describe, but I felt a chill run down my spine when I first saw the man’s face. I knew that the photo was linked to something horrific, even though it was a perfectly innocent looking picture. I just didn’t know what it was linked to.

By now I was totally freaked out and unsure what to do next. I felt paranoid, so didn’t want to take the packages back to the post office. I didn’t want to throw them away either because I felt strangely responsible for them. At the same time I didn’t want to keep them in my home because they really gave me the creeps. In the end, I decided to store them in my shed, but first I took a note of the license plate number on the second photo in case that could be used to turn up any information. I also noted the post mark dates on each package.

Weeks went by and I had almost forgotten about the mystery parcels, when a third package arrived whilst I was eating breakfast one Saturday morning. I didn’t hesitate in opening it despite feeling very apprehensive. The contents were as expected – a plain looking shoe box containing shredded paper and an old photo of yet another man. He was sitting in chair in what looked like some type of bleak waiting room. On the back was written the word “Lilac”. My imagination was now running wild and I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I hadn’t spoken to anyone about these parcels, but I couldn’t keep the secret to myself any longer. I decided to call a friend and ask him to help me work out what was going on. This friend was really smart and I trusted that he would be able assist in coming up with some type of explanation. He came over a few hours later and sat with me, examining each parcel in turn.

My friend decided to do some research on the license plate number in one of the photos. He had a friend who worked in public records and thought he might be able to turn something up on who the owner was. A lot of time went by, but eventually I got a call from my friend. He said he had some news but wanted to explain it to me in person. We arranged to meet as soon as possible. My curiosity was out of control by now and I really needed to know why I was being sent these parcels.

Later that day my friend arrived. He seemed quite serious and solemn when he started explaining what he had found. He explained that the car had belonged to a man called Kevin Brown and that he was the man shown in the photo. Brown had lived and worked in London in the 1980s. His family came under the public spotlight in the early 1990s, when his sister was found murdered in South London. Other than that little else was known about the man apart from very basic details and one further chilling fact. Kevin Brown had died very recently. He had passed away peacefully in his sleep whilst resident at a care home. His death was recorded in a local newspaper’s obituary. The notice gave a date of death that was just a couple of days after the post mark date shown on the parcel containing his photo. He might have died the day I opened the parcel.

I’ve always been really skeptical of anything paranormal, but when I found out that the man pictured in the photo had possibly passed away on the day I had opened a parcel containing his photo, I was really freaked out. It wasn’t long before I was questioning whether the two other men had met a similar fate after I had opened their parcels. I genuinely began to think that the parcels were in someway cursed and that opening them was unleashing something truly awful. I had no idea why I was involved in this and honestly felt utterly terrified, so when a fourth package arrived one morning, I didn’t hesitate in returning it immediately to the Post Office as unsolicited mail. After that, no more packages arrived. Eventually, it felt as though something lifted and that I was disentangled from the mystery, but my curiosity and fear have persisted to this day.

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