Five Creepy Royal Family Facts

The British Royal family is the focus of a vast amount of speculation, rumour and myth on the internet. Accusations range from the Queen being a shapeshifting lizard-cum-alien through to Prince George being the antichrist with pretty much everything else in between. A large number of bloggers and vloggers are devoted to the idea that the Queen and her family are hiding paranormal secrets from the public. Some have even made a successful career out of publicising their allegations.

But is there any truth behind the rumours? British Paranormal lists the top 5 creepy true facts about the British Royal Family.

1. Their Ancestors were Cannibals:

It’s hard to believe now, but as little as 300 years ago, British Royals routinely consumed human flesh and organs for medicinal purposes. According to research, this practice may have persisted to as late as the beginning of the 19th Century. Blood, brains, hearts, livers and even eyes were on the menu. The parts were often taken from dead soldiers or prisoners. Some monarchs even opted to extract the body parts directly from the corpses themselves to ensure they were as fresh and delicious as possible.

George I of United Kingdom, pictured as a Prince of Hanover.

2. They Genetically Engineered Themselves:

Until recently the Royal Family has been pretty persistent in ensuring their descendants come from quite a small gene pool. It’s interesting to note that a number of queen-consorts have ascended the throne after first being engaged to the deceased sibling of the new King. For example, the wife of George V, Mary of Teck, had first been engaged to her husband’s brother, the Duke of Clarence, but when he died in 1892, she swiftly became engaged to the second eldest son and new heir to the throne, Prince George.

Mary of Teck, who was engaged to the King of England’s deceased brother.

3. The Illuminati of the Illuminati:

If ever there was a candidate for King of the Illuminati, Prince William must be it. Through his mother and his father he descends from a bewildering array of historical figures, including William the Conqueror, Charlemange, Casimir the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Catherine the Great, Frederick the Great, Vlad the Impaler, Robert the Bruce and more. Additionally, he was born on the Summer Solstice, allegedly after labour was induced in his mother, giving further weight to suspicions that he may be lined up for global leadership.

Vlad Tepes aka Vlad the Impaler aka Vlad Dracul. Tepes is an ancestor of the current British Royal Family.

4. They Practiced Black Magic:

This is less a fact and more a well-founded rumour, but according to some sources, the British Monarchy routinely practiced Black Magic during the 18th Century. Some historians allege that the practices were imported from Germany following the ascent of the House of Hanover in 1714. By the late 18th Century, it is believed that Germanic Black Magic practices had permanently permeated the British Royal Family and that Black Magic texts, like the late 18th Century book, the Key to Hell (or Clavis Inferni) had become popular within British royal circles.

An illustration from the Key to Hell, an 18th Century Black Magic Manuscript.

5. They are Cursed:

If you accept the possibility of curses, then it is a matter of historical fact that the current Royal Family is said to be cursed due to their descent from the Bowes-Lyon family. The Queen Mother, who was the current Queen’s mother, was a member of the Bowes-Lyon family, an ancient aristocratic Scottish dynasty, based at Glamis Castle (famously featured in Macbeth). Since the time of William Shakespeare, it has been rumoured that the Castle hid some awful secret. Even the Queen Mother’s father, Claude Bowes-Lyon allegedly asserted that if the Castle’s secret was known to you, you would get down on your knees and thank God that it did not belong to you. It is believed that the Bowes-Lyon family and their descendants are the subject of a terrible curse, originating from the distant past when an ancient ancestor gave up his soul to Satan.

The back of Glamis Castle, the ancestral home of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

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