Ghosts of Blackpool

Blackpool – Home to the Restless Dead.

Blackpool is famed for being a centre of fun and frivolity, attracting millions of people each year to its famous Pleasure Beach, Tower and Pier. However, Britain’s northern capital of fun hides a darker side behind its carefree exterior. Blackpool is one of the most haunted towns in the United Kingdom, playing host to plethora of ghosts, ranging from demented clergymen to scorned lovers. British Paranormal names three of its favourite haunted locations in Blackpool.

The Grand Theatre:

Blackpool’s late Victorian Grand Theatre is said to be haunted by Charlie, a mischievous ghost that likes to play pranks on spectators and performers. He has been identified as the spirit of an audience member, who threw himself off the theatre balcony after being spurned by an actress that he had become infatuated with.

In the 1980s, a pantomime director who was attending a dress rehearsal of his show was sat in the upper circle of the theatre, close to the spot where “Charlie” is thought to have flung himself to his death. Little did he realise that he had wandered into a hot spot of paranormal activity.

According to reports, as the chap sat watching the proceedings on stage, he felt his shoulder being tapped. Turning to see who was responsible, he was surprised to see the rows of seats behind him empty. Shortly after, he again felt his shoulder tapped and again turned to see no one behind him. When the tapping happened for a third time, he became convinced that someone was playing a trick on him. He searched from row to row, scouring the seats for signs of the culprit. His investigations were fruitless.

Asides from the ghost of Charlie, the theatre is said to be home to at least two other benign spirit entities. Thomas Sargentson, a former manager of the establishment is said to keep a close eye on current staff, often escorting the manager on his rounds. The ghost of a recent employee is also thought to be inhabiting the media room and has been spotted by several staff who knew him in life. Paranormal researchers have suggested that the heightened spiritual activity experienced at the Theatre is a by-product of paranormal portal that occupies the space above the stage.

Kilmigrol, Blackpool Beach:

Britain’s coastline has been changing for years. Over the centuries, shoreline erosion has consigned scores of towns and villages to an underwater fate. Kilmigrol is one such village. Situated somewhere off the coast of Blackpool, the village is thought to have been swallowed-up by the waves sometime in the Dark Ages.

Ever since Kilmigrol disappeared, residents of Blackpool have been reporting paranormal phenomena along the town’s coastline. It’s been claimed that on dark nights ghostly lights can be seen shimmering on the horizon, and the mournful sound of melancholy shanties can be heard drifting across the water.

Particularly common are reports of church bells tolling on stormy nights. It is thought by geological experts that the settlement was possibly swallowed-up by the brine following a sudden catastrophic rise in sea levels, possibly precipitated by an unexpected natural weather event. The traumatic disaster would have resulted in the deaths of many desperate souls. The only warning they would have received in advance of their impending doom would have been the solemn tolling of the local parish church bell.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool is home to the world’s very first ghost train. In 1936, Blackpool Pleasure Beach opened its spooky ride and a few years later its name was change to “ghost train”, becoming the first attraction to be branded as such. Ironically, the location is reputed to have subsequently become home to its own genuine haunting.

In 1970 a maintenance worker nicknamed Cloggy sadly passed away from a horrible illness after giving Blackpool Ghost Train many years of dedicated service. According to reports, Cloggy was a highly committed member of staff who worked tirelessly to ensure the attraction satisfied customers. This devotion is rumoured to have continued after his death. Guests would often report being grabbed and touched by some unseen entity as they enjoyed the ride. A handful of guests complained about this physical intrusion only to discover that it was not part of the attraction.

On one occasion a particularly unusual event occurred indicating that all was not as it should be at Blackpool’s famous ghost train. Maintenance workers had been undertaking some repairs at the attraction and throughout their time labouring at the site they reported hearing unusual sounds, including groaning and footsteps. When the workmen came to leave they shut down the site’s electrics as was standard procedure, but on exiting the facility they noticed an skull on top of the building was still illuminated. After spending almost an hour investigating the situation, they were unable to determine how the skull was remaining alight, so left the Pleasure Beach, confused and disturbed.

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2 Replies to “Ghosts of Blackpool”

  1. We had an experience at the Grand theatre in.the late 90s we was up in the gods watching a show, I the two.daughters went out on.the corridor to the tower thru the window. As they were chatting and away they heard high heeled shoes coming along the corridor ,there was a few steps up to the door going into the seating, the foot steps stopped at the steps then they realised no one was there,Beth was the first one bolt and they fell over each other getting thru the door .After the show I mentioned it to one of the staff and they said oh that’s Charlie.

  2. Four friends and myself were queuing up to go on the ghost train. I turned to them and said,jokingly,I wonder how often it breaks down! We got into the carriages,two in the first one,me and my friend in the next and one girl,alone in the next carriage. Off we set, as we were coming through some double doors and the carriage started to be pulled up the short ramp, we neared the top the thing broke down!!! I paniced,and made my friend jump out. The other two in the first carriage were stuck in the dark as they had already gone up the ramp and through the doors back inside and the girl in the third carriage just came walking out!! One of the workers had to go inside and guide my friends out and then had to guide us all down the ramp to safety. My pals blamed me for asking how often the ghost train broke down. It wasnt until a few years later that I heard of Cloggy the mischevious ghost, must have heard my remark!!!

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