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Our Favourite Paranormal Stories from England.

England is packed full of weird and wonderful paranormal stories and supernatural tales. Whether you are into witches, ghosts, UFOs or strange supernatural creatures, England pretty much has it all. From the crop circles of the west country through to the ghosts of old London, England is one of the world's top paranormal hot-spots.

Top 20 Supernatural Stories from across England:

1. Anne Boleyn - Tower of London - Beheaded by her not-so-loyal husband, the ghost of this former Queen of England is said to walk the chapels of the Tower of London with her head tucked beneath her arm.

2. Leaping Jack - London - Spring-heeled Jack, also known as Leaping Jack, was said to terrorize the people of Victorian in the late 19th Century. This strange being breathed fire, had the eyes of an insect and was capable of leaping over walls and buildings.

3. The Pendle Witches - Lancashire - A group of women who were executed in the 17th Century for witchcraft are now said to roam the Lancashire Moors, terrorizing hapless mortals who wander into their ghostly realm.

4. Jack in Irons - Yorkshire - A terrifying ghoul said to stalk the quiet country roads of Yorkshire. Jack in Irons is the ghost of a slain giant. Wrapped in chains, he searches for new victims whilst wearing the heads of his old victims.

5. The Blitz Witch - Portsmouth - Helen Duncan, the Blitz Witch, was a psychic and medium, who became the focus of unwanted attention when she claimed to be communing with the ghosts of dead sailors many hours before news of their death reached England. Persecuted by wartime authorities, she was arrested and prosecuted for witchcraft.

6. The Beast of Bodmin Moor - Cornwall - A phantom cat is said to roam the moors of Cornwall, terrorizing farmers, joggers and dog-walkers alike. Sightings have persisted since the the early 1980s, leading some to speculate that Bodmin Moor is home to a family of big cats.

7. The Rendlesham Forest Incident - Suffolk - In the 1980s British authorities investigated a series of alleged UFO sightings near RAF Woodbridge.  Witnessed by military personnel from across the ranks, the question of what was being seen over Rendlesham Forest has never satisfactorily been answered.

8. The Hangman of Hangleton - Brighton and Hove - The sleepy suburb of Hangleton in Hove is said to be home to a particularly unpleasant ghoul. The Hangman of Hangleton is said to stalk the Hangleton Road area, alerting unwitting mortals to his presence with the "thud, thud, thud" of his wooden leg.

9. Nanny Rutt - Lincolnshire - Predecessor of the Blair Witch, Nanny Rutt was said to live in Math Woods in Lincolnshire. She preyed on amorous young girls, who would enter the woods in order to meet their suitor, only to become hopelessly lost. When they eventually find a clearing in the dense trees, they are confronted by the hideous form of Nanny Rutt, who pounces on them.  

10. Black Belly - Brighton - Bald, bloated and very angry, Black Belly hovers inches from the floor, his dirty t-shirt riding-up, exposing a badly bruised stomach. The ghost is said to appear in the peripheral vision of his witnesses at first. When brought into full view, he will often charge with terrifying force.

11. The Enfield Poltergeist - Enfield - Two sisters, aged 11 and 13, gained national attention in the later 1970s when a team psychic researchers investigated claims that their council house was haunted by a poltergeist. Demonic voices, moving objects and even levitating children were reported. The paranormal activity was even witnessed by the Police.

12. Queen Victoria's Ghost - Windsor Castle - Queen Victoria cast a very long shadow over British history. According to some reports, the great queen's ghost continues to reside at one of her favourite former homes, Windsor Castle. It's alleged that Queen Victoria's ghost is most likely to manifest during maintenance works at the Castle.

13. The Hammersmith Ghost - London - The Hammersmith ghost was a particularly unpleasant apparition, known for seizing it's victims in a terrifying grip. According to the legend, the Hammersmith ghost, which was thought to be the restless spirit of a local suicide victim, succeeded in scaring a number of people to death. In recent times, a ghost nicknamed the Hammersmith Hiss has been reported as active in the area, leading some to believe it is the Hammersmith ghost in a different form.

14. The Buckland Shag - Surrey - The Buckland Shag was a monstrous, semi-aquatic creature, said to live in Buckland, Surrey. The legend tells of the creature dwelling in a brook and ambushing hapless passers-by before devouring them on the Shag Stone, a large boulder that sat near its den. Thankfully for the people of Surrey, the Buckland Shag was eventually slain by a local parson, Willoughby Bertie, who organised a group of men to capture the creature and throw it from a cliff to its death. 

15. The Monk of Minsden - Hertfordshire - Minsden Chapel is home to one of England's most famous ghosts, the Misden Monk. Famously captured in a photograph in 1907, the ghost achieved national fame. According to legend, the ghost would appear at midnight and appear to be ascending stairs in the ruined abbey. Other paranormal activity included strange smells, apparitions of burning crosses and the sound of chanting or the toll of bells.  

16. The Burned Man - Shoreham - This modern legend tells of the ghost of a badly burned man, which is said to haunt Shoreham-by-Sea's town center. The Burned Man is almost certainly a local legend, but it's definitely creepy enough to warrant an entry on this list.

17. The Sea Serpent of Falmouth - Cornwall - The legendary Morgawr is a Cornish Sea Serpent believed to inhabit a stretch of coastline near Falmouth. The strange creature came to the attention of the public in the 1970s when it was seen by a group of fishermen, who claimed it to be an enormous snake-like creature. Shortly afterwards photographs emerged of what was alleged to be the same monstrous sea serpent. In 2017 the carcass of an unidentified large animal washed up near St Austell, leaving many to speculate that it was the remains of the creature. 

18. Borely Rectory - Essex -"Absolutely terrifying". That is probably the best description of the haunting at Borely Rectory. Described by Harry Price as the most haunted house in England, intense paranormal activity occurred throughout the building's 77 year history. A broad range of strange poltergeist-like incidents were witnessed at the property, including windows smashing, disembodied footsteps, lights appearing in darkened rooms, writing on walls, whispering and laughter, objects being thrown and people being attacked or pulled from their beds. In addition, there were repeated sightings of two apparitions - a nun and a headless horseman, driving a carriage with horses. The building mysteriously burned to the ground in 1939 after a series of clergymen had lived there, but failed to prevent the paranormal activity.  

19. The Ghosts of Pretoria Pit - The Pretoria Pit disaster of 1910 claimed the lives of 344 men. Years later, the tragedy remains difficult to forget, not least because of the intense paranormal activity that continues to this day. In recent times, locals have described hearing an explosion within the vicinity of the disaster and some have even claimed to see the ghost of victims' dismembered bodies. The ghosts of Pretoria Pit are as tragic as they are terrifying.  

20. The Growling - Yorkshire - According to legend, a  group of 90s ravers found more than they were bargaining for when they ventured out onto the Moors to find a good place to have a party. As darkness descended the group became aware of a strange noise that seemed to be circling them. The aggressive, loud noise was described as being somewhere between a howl and a human scream.