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Our Favourite Paranormal Stories from Scotland

Scotland is one of Europe’s most beautiful and historic nations. It is famed for its ancient cities, its breath-taking natural beauty and its art, music and literature. It is also known as the land of Macbeth’s witches, the Loch Ness Monster and the Kelpie. Scotland is literally packed full of ghosts, ghouls and all things paranormal. From elves and pixies through to sea serpents and sirens, Scotland has a rich supernatural tradition.

Top 10 Paranormal Stories from Scotland:

1. The Loch Ness Monster – The Highlands Possibly the world’s most famous cryptid, the existence of the Loch Ness Monster has been puzzled over for many centuries. Dozens of photos and videos have been offered up as proof of the existence of Nessie, though none has conclusively settled the debate. The most common explanation for the sightings is that the Loch Ness Monster is a prehistoric survivor from the time of the dinosaurs, possibly a plesiosaur.

2. Bald Agnes – Edinburgh Beaten, bloodied and Bald, the ghost of Agnes Sampson is said to wander the halls of Holyrood Palace in a perpetual state of distress. Executed as a witch during the Scottish Witch Craze, Agnes Sampson was persecuted because of her medical knowledge and her respected status as a midwife.

3. A75 Haunting – Dumfries A very strange haunting indeed, which is said to effect a 15 mile stretch of road between Annan and Dumfries. In 1962 two men reported witnessing an extraordinary apparition as they were driving at night. First they saw a hen flying towards their car windscreen. It vanished just as it was about to impact the glass. Next they saw an old woman running frantically in their direction, then a man with long hair, then a series of animals, including some that were unknown to them. All vanished before they reached the car. Finally, they saw a furniture removal van come hurtling towards them before disappearing from sight. The two men stopped their car and got out, at which point the car began violently rocking from side to side. When they returned to their vehicle, the rocking ceased.

4. Am Fear Liath Mór – Ben MacDui  – Scotland’s second highest mountain is reputed to be the home of a bizarre paranormal entity known as Am Fear Liath Mór. Believed by some to be a ghost and others to be an invisible crytid, Am Fear Liath Mór has been witnessed by a number of accomplished and respected mountaineers. Most have described hearing strange disembodied footsteps and feeling an overwhelming sense of fear, though some have also mentioned a very tall grey form that furiously chases the individuals it stalks.

5. The Clatter - Glasgow Subway - The Clatter is said to appear as a small sphere of light which emerges from the walls of Glasgow's underground railway tunnels, only to enlarge suddenly, so as to engulf an entire area of track. Witnesses caught in the Clatter report hearing a loud and disturbing noise, described as being like the sound of dozens of metal objects falling to the ground. Some have also reported seeing the anguished faces of dispossessed souls as the light surrounds them. The Clatter is thought to occur on areas of Glasgow's subway system where the tracks pass through ancient forgotten burial sites.

6. The Piper - Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh Castle is one of Scotland's most haunted locations. It definitely has more than its fair share of reported paranormal activity and famous ghost stories. Among them is the tale of the Piper. According to legend, when the ancient tunnels of Edinburgh Castle were rediscovered several hundred years ago, a reluctant piper was sent to explore the long forgotten passages. The logic behind sending a piper was that a group of men could follow his music from above ground and therefore chart the tunnel's route. All went to plan initially, but suddenly the piping stopped. When the group of men went to search for the piper, they could not find him. He had vanished in the tunnel. According to legend, the distant sound of piping can still be heard emanating from deep within the ground in the vicinity of the castle.

7. The Robert Taylor Incident - West Lothian  - Popularly known as the only British UFO sighting to have been formally investigated by the police, the incident occurred over an area of woodland near Livingston. According to the story, Robert Taylor, a local forester, came across a  large sphere-shaped object hovering above the woods whilst working one evening. As he viewed the object, a group of smaller spheres attacked him and then lifted him from the ground, after which point Robert lost consciousness. He awoke bruised and battered and with objects missing from his pockets.

8. The Gurning Man - Glasgow - What could anyone possibly find scary about a withered old man in a black leotard materialising from nowhere and preceding to dance with jittery movements, whilst all the time grinning maniacally? The Gurning Man of Glasgow terrorized the women of Crosshill during the 1970s, appearing both in the street and in the homes of the women he stalked.  

9. The Monster of Glamis - Glamis Castle - Glamis Castle is famous for being featured in Macbeth and for being the ancestral home of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, aka the Queen Mother. The castle is also famous for suffering a terrible curse and for being the home of an ungodly monster. In recent times, one of the owners of Glamis Castle reportedly said that if the secret of the castle was known to the people, they would give thanks to God that the castle was not their property. Some speculate that the curse of Glamis Castle has been passed down to the current British Royal Family by the Queen Mother.

10. Texts from the Dead - Aberdeen - Can ghosts send SMS text messages? According to this story, they can. A young man from Aberdeen reported receiving SMS text messages from a girl he befriended in an online chatroom. Eventually, the messages became quite strange, culminating in a cry for help to be rescued. The man decided to investigate, but to his horror, what he discovered suggested that the girl he had been chatting to had died many years ago.