Jennet Device – The Child Behind the Pendle Witch Trials

In 1612, ten people from the Lancashire borough of Pendle were sentenced to death for the crimes of witchcraft and murder. Among the flimsy body of evidence presented to the jury was the testament of a 9-year-old child. Her words helped condemn members of her own community, including her own mother and her older brother. British Paranormal takes a look at the story of Jennet Device, the child behind the Pendle Witch executions.

Witchcraft and Treason – Black Magic as a Tool of Politics

King James I famously declared witchcraft to be “high treason against God”. He should have added “… and treason is a form of witchcraft”. The Tudors and Stuart Kings and Queens of England perceived witchcraft as a very serious threat to their reigns. They believed that it was possible for diabolical powers to be deployed against them in order to knock them from the throne. Witchcraft was a political tool. British Paranormal takes a look at this curious aspect of the witch craze in early modern England.

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The Bideford Witches – Devon

In July 1682, the little Devonshire village of Bideford was rocked by accusations of witchcraft made against three local women. A number of witnesses came forward to accuse the trio of having consorted with the Devil in order to bring misfortune and misery to the village. British Paranormal takes a look at the case of the Bideford witches and asks what lay behind this strange and tragic episode of West Country history.

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Matthew Hopkins – Fraud or Fanatic?

Few names are as infamous as that of Matthew Hopkins. The one time Witchfinder General’s legendary passion for seeking out and persecuting witches has caused his name to echo down the ages. Painted as a religious fanatic, whose lust for witch blood knew no bounds, Matthew Hopkins has become synonymous with religious zeal gone wrong. British Paranormal takes a look at the real Matthew Hopkins and asks was this brutal man a fraud or a fanatic?

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The Witch’s Scratch – the Reverse Witch Trials of Victorian England

Most people associate the idea of witch trials with the distant past, relegating them to an unscientific age, before humankind became educated and enlightened. The surprising truth is that witchcraft cases were actually being heard in British courts little over one hundred years ago. Yes, at the same time Freud and Jung were discovering the secrets of the human mind and years after Darwin had explained the origin of the species, ordinary men and women in the United Kingdom continued to believe staunchly in the existence of witchcraft. The belief was so vehement, it even entered Victorian court rooms.

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The Ghost of Bald Agnes – Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh

Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland is said to play host to a variety of ghosts and ghouls, from Kings and Queens down to paupers and peasants. One particularly sad ghost is that of Bald Agnes, a wise woman who was denounced as a witch and burned alive. Her tormented spirit is now said to wander the halls and corridors of Holyrood. British Paranormal reports.

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