The Hum – Sussex and Nationwide

About two months a go, I went to visit my family in sleepy Sussex. My stay with them was typically uneventful, apart from the fact that for three nights running my sleep was disturbed by a strange, low-frequency humming noise. The noise persisted in the morning and early afternoon, but had stopped entirely by about 3pm. Our house is situated in a largely agricultural area and there are no industrial sites near-by. At the time, I was perplexed by the noise, but not scared. I spoke to my family about it and they confirmed that they too could hear this mysterious noise.

Shortly after this odd experience I decided to do some research online in order to ascertain whether anyone else had heard this noise. Unsurprisingly, many people had. It had been heard not just in my village, but in many other locations, spanning a distance of around 20 miles. It was reported in local press and on several blog sites. More bizarre was the fact that reports of a mysterious hum were also being made across the U.K., from Scotland down to Cornwall. A cursory glance at Youtube will reveal that there are a proliferation of apparent recordings available online. Amongst the obvious fakes there are a few that are so convincing that they have been reported by the national press.

I have no idea what this humming noise is or whether it really deserve a mention on a paranormal website at all. I would appreciate it if anyone else who heard the sound in Sussex or elsewhere could get in touch. Unfortunately, I did not think to make a recording of the noise, but I have embedded the Telegraph’s Youtube report below.

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  1. Hi there,

    Just to inform you that your description fits to what SOME people here in Sierra del Guadarrama (~50 kms near Madrid, Spain) are hearing for some months now. This humming sound could be likened to an idling diesel engine in the distance. Some days it’s really annoying (even using ear plugs you still can ‘feel’ it), mostly in the nightime when no other noise masks it. Some others it’s just off.

    We could hear it into buildings, at street level, and even sitting on a mountain peak 1800 mts. high. The weird thing is that it cannot be recorded, at least we were unable to capture it using different recording devices.

    Actually it’s happening in many different places around the world and there’s a growing concern on the web (just google ‘the hum’ but avoid the ‘Apocalypse Trumpets’ videos and such; a completely different issue), so I ended signing-in to an international yahoo group, which is devoted to the study and investigation of this strange phenomenon. Many interesting scientific reports can be found up there. Unfortunately, there are a variety of hypotheses but none of them has been unmistakeably proven. Also the authorities don’t seem to be very willing to take part in it.

    Hope this helps!


    1. Hi Blogless,

      Thanks for the comment. It’s helpful, but also scary. I really hope the world isn’t about to split apart or something like that. I’ll definitely check out the group you recommended.

      This seems to be a weird time for the planet earth. I have seen three “shooting stars” in the last couple of months. I have never seen one before, then three in a short space of time. Also, yesterday it was very warm in the southern England, but it was also snowing… which again is something I have never seen before.

      I’ve heard about the apocalypse “Angel Gabriel’s trumpet” videos. They sound too much like “War of the Worlds” in my opinion. The noise I heard was nothing like those videos. It was really subtle, persistent and quite unremarkable, apart from the fact that there was no explanation for its cause.

  2. Sounds identical to a phenomenon in the American Southwest in the early 1990’s referred to as The Taos Hum. I lived in nearby White Rock, New Mexico, at the time, adjacent to Los Alamos, and we heard it there, too. It sounded like a truck idling at the end of the driveway but we were quite rural, too, and tractor trailer trucks were almost never in that area, especially not at night. My mother thought it might be an electrical transformer and said she had actually wandered the property in her night gown int he wee hours of morning, looking for the source, so vexed was she by the sound. Also, I observed it to often begin at 2 AM promptly on most nights. Not everyone could hear it, but many did.

    Years later, I decided to investigate it for a piece I was writing and developed an hypothesis that it might have been ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) technology that I believe was being developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory at approximately the same time. Taos is some distance north of Los Alamos, but the communities of White Rock and Taos are both located atop relatively fresh volcanic basalt deposits which are very high in iron that tend to reverberate like a bell.

    Over the years I have heard people like you describe similar experiences, most recently in Detroit and across the border in Canada, each blaming the city on the other side of the water for creating the irritating phenomenon. I suspect it’s related in some way to the ELF, which is the same technology that has been associated with perilously drawing marine mammals off their migration patterns, and it’s not hard to imagine, given the degree to which it seems to agitate some humans. I’m not sure what all the applications might be, but I think it’s related to deep water submarine location.

    Hope that helps. Of course, further research more likely leads you into a murky internet rabbit hole populated by people who fervently believe in weather alteration drones, chem trails, and earthquake generators controlled but he illuminati, whomever they might be. I don’t know what to make of all that. I know what I heard in 1991, and very low frequency seems to make sense to me.

  3. Ive been hearing and feeling this for a few years now. I live in Birmingham UK. I cannot ignore it, especially at night; Most of the time, I manage, though I am on antidepressents, I havn’t until now thought of linking this to the hum. However, I cannot stay at my daughter’s as it is unbearable to me in her bedrooms. She and her family don’t hear it, but I wonder if it might be affecting them non the less and how dangerous it might be?

  4. Hey,

    I live in East Sussex and have started hearing this noise over the last few days. It is constant in my property and can be “felt” even with other sound on in the rooms. It’s terribly distracting.


  5. I live in Germany and often hear a far away constant hum, I have come to the conclusion that it is Wind Turbines for generating electricity. The starnge thing is my wife can not here the hum. There are wind turbines some 20 klm from my house .

    1. Hi Keith, this is a common theme of the reports we receive about this phenomenon. One person will hear it, whilst others around will not. Logically, this can be explained in the same way that we can explain why some people can see further than others… but we still need to explain what the sounds are. Whilst I appreciate what you say about the wind turbines, many reports come from areas that are miles and miles away from any development whatsoever. For example, in the UK, the moors of Devon and Cornwall are particular hot spots for this type of activity, as are the Scottish highlands.

  6. I am in East Sussex, and have been experiencing a sort of all pervasive hum at night time. Thought it was electrical at first, but also,able to hear this outside. I have seen some posts on face book groups in countries like Norway and Canada that other people are experiencing similar noises around the world.

  7. I also have been experiencing this since the summer of 2014. I live in Newhaven East Sussex. Apart from two occasions I only usually hear it in Newhaven, when I get back from work at night ( I work all over Sussex) the moment I turn off my engine I hear it, it is louder in my van but I can also hear it outside and at home. I have tried to keep a diary but it is very difficult as the time and frequency and intensity change so much. I also feel it in my neck and chest. It is also affecting my concentration and sometimes it makes me feel unwell. There has been (more so in the beginning a couple of times when I walked into my lounge that it hurt my ears, it was as though the air pressure changed like being on a plane.
    I went to have my ears checked to see if it was a problem with my ears. While in the waiting room I heard nothing, the moment I walked into the ‘sound proof booth’ I could hear it really loudly, when I went back to the waiting room it was gone again so I waited and then went back to the booth and the moment I walked into the room that contained the booth I could hear it and again in the booth. I think I may have been down to equipment in the hospital.I mentioned this to the audiologist and asked if they had come across anyone else with the same problem … they hadn’t. My hearing was said to be good, so they gave me a pressure test. The results didn’t match, looking at my ear drum it was said to be rigid (sorry I can’t quite remember the facts exactly) and I should be quite deaf but my hearing test was good, then the pressure test proved to be quite low ( I think ) any way what I trying to say is none of the test put together made any sense. So I think I am picking up low frequency sound due to a problem with my ear drum, but then WHY can I feel the vibration. I was given white noise generator hearing aids, which had no effect at all as no one in audiology wants to recognise this is not tinitus. I also suffer from Misophonia which also needs some research.
    Sorry to have gone on so much but I just thought it might be the same for others out there and it could be a start into researching the HUM. Would be interested to hear form others in Sussex.

    1. Hi Caroline. Thanks for the comment. Your information is really interesting, but I am sorry to read that you have had such a distressing experience. I don’t really know what to advise you. It sounds like you have already done the sensible thing and spoken with medical professionals. It was interesting to note that you have mostly experienced the hum in Newhaven and not elsewhere. May be there is some environmental factor near where you live. Have you looked into what is happening in the area? Is there any fracking in Newhaven for example? I have come across other accounts in which people say they have experienced the hum both audibly and as a sensation within their body. There’s a lot of theory out there, loads of videos on Youtube etc… don’t get carried away the stranger explanations… in all probability the cause is some really straightforward and mundane. Good luck and I hope this all gets better soon. Best wishes, British Paranormal.

    2. Hi Caroline just thought I’d mention I live in peacehaven East Sussex & have been experiencing the same very low frequency humming.
      What I hear is humming that’s not constant ie a sort of broken drone but it’s always there usually early hours of the morning through to about 7am which is when it starts to fade & mix in with the usual build up of daily noise.
      I had thought it was something that I had running at home so I shut everything down & the low frequency humming was still evident even out in the back garden.
      So your certainly not the only one that experiences this noise & yes as low as the sound is it becomes very irritating when your trying to get to sleep.
      There are a couple of possibilities locally the large incinerator in newhaven which runs steam turbines 24/7 to generate electricity & also a very large subterranean water treatment works in peacehaven which is bound to give of low frequency noise.
      I couldn’t hand on heart say that this was the definant cause without some sort of research.
      But it’s definitely there I have been hearing this for some years now.

  8. I’ve also been recently hearing this hum in Brighton, East Sussex. The last 3 nights I’ve heard a similar strange sound, really quite loud, sort of sounds like something is flying overhead, each time has lasted for around 10 seconds or so. Doesn’t sound like any plane i’m used to hearing fly overhead, a lot louder with a deep hum. Large lorries often drive past that also cause large vibrations in my basement apartment, but once again this is a sound that i’m used to and nothing like the loud noises the last few nights. Each time I’ve run to the window, but don’t have much of a view from my basement. The sounds have left me quite confused.

  9. I first heard the hum in Brighton around 3 months ago. It started when I had a bad cold. At first I thought it was a generator from a building site or an air conditioning unit or maybe a commercial refrigeration unit gone wrong. I went out very early in the morning when the ambient noise was low to try and pinpoint the location but it was impossible-the noise had no apparent source. At first it was loud enough to disrupt my sleep, a low frequency hum akin to an idling diesel engine which started sometime after 9 pm and continued through the night until sometime in the early afternoon. After 4 or 5 weeks the sound got quieter and much less disturbing at night but was louder in the early morning. The nature of the noise also changed, it became a less constant hum, coming in shorter bursts. At this time it was much less disturbing. A couple of weeks ago I went to Albania for a holiday and was able to hear the hum in Tirana, although it was much, much quieter and really not a problem at all. However, when I returned to Brighton I was horrified to discover that the noise had returned to near its original volume, which is where it is now. Getting to sleep is difficult, earplugs make it worse as they isolate the sound, blocking ambient noise leaving the low frequency hum even more audible. I can feel my ear drums vibrate and even feel the vibrations in my body. I am certain it is not a low frequency form of tinnitus as I experience the usual “white noise” high frequency tinnitus and can differentiate between the two, one being obviously internal. I have absolutely no idea what the cause is. I’ve read all the theories and am no nearer an answer. My best guess is that the noise is always around us but that something changed in my ears that allowed me to hear it. If it continues I feel my only option will be to move somewhere where it is at least quieter and less disturbing than it is here.

  10. I’m not a paranormal devotee, I’m afraid. I’m just sick of this hum, so I Googled and found this! I currently live in Newhaven, East Sussex. I first noticed a horrible, almost subsonic hum about a year ago. It seemed to start at about two or three in the morning and go for a few hours. Such relief when it ended. The sound came and went. It began to start earlier and earlier, and finish later. It’s worst in my bedroom and currently seems to be going 24 hours a day. It shifts between three grinding tones. The vibrations travel through the walls of the house and me! It could be a massive diesel engine or something. I live just over half a mile from the dock. I’ve even walked around at night when it’s quiet to try to locate it. Sounds around there don’t seem to have the shifting tonal quality, and they don’t seem so loud they’d be able to travel that kind of distance, especially to have such an effect. There doesn’t seem to be a likely candidate in any other direction, but I do think it’s a diesel generator or something similar.

    1. Hi Paul, I’m going to send you an email about your experience. I live in Brighton, so may I could chat to you some time. Al.

      1. I live in Bognor Regis I can hear this hum constantly. Its very irritating. I haven’t discovered many people around my area who can hear it. Would love to know what it is.

    2. Hi Paul ~ “The Hum” in Brighton has been going on for some time now.
      I experienced this many years ago also in the Midlands.
      If it is extraterrestrial (which I am experienced in this phenomenon) then you would presume it would be quieter.

  11. I recently moved within Sovereign Harbour in Eastbourne and am now plagued with this intermittent low frequency hum. I can’t ignore it as it’s more felt than heard and it’s literally “getting on my nerves”. Still managing to sleep but it’s definitely affecting my mood. I’m assuming it’s some kind of generator and plan to investigate. Neighbour seems oblivious. Wife can hear it but it doesn’t seem to bother her in the same way.

  12. Hey,

    I have started to gear the hum on and off for the past three days, however tonight it seems that it is a constant and won’t go away. It is pulsing up and down in volume and can get really loud, even indoors with Windows shut.

    I live in Aberdeen, Scotland and would like to know if there is anyone else hearing it.



  13. Just been hearing tonight 17th April 2018 in saltdean area. Went on intermittently for an hour maybe ( between 3 and 4 am ) more as i was asleep before. Went outside to see if it was a lorryvor something else. Feels and sounds like a deep drilling sound. Ominous but distant st the same time. Intensity also varies depending on which room I got to. Also just read a brief item stating that scientists say it’s something to do with sea waves… seems like I would hear it more often if that were the case. And just so u know it isn’t just me, my wife was also hearing it. It’s 4:30 Am now and it seems to have stopped. Did hear a truck reverse outside about 2 roads away just now. Any link? Who knows…

  14. I live in Herstmonceux East Sussex. The low ‘fog horn’ noise is so bad tonight. Round about 11pm i could almost feel the vibration when it dropped to its low tone. Like all of you, its driving me nuts. I havent been able to record it, but unlike some people who describe just a low hum, this has two tones like the old fog horns and i can count the length of the lowest tone. It also stops intermittently sometimes for ten minutes , and i think ah! peace, then it starts again and continues through the night. I dont believe for one moment its Tinnitus, fish jumping, or volcanic activity! More like machinery underground mining or fracking!

    1. I live in Nuneaton and i hear the sound exactly as stated, like a randomly switching two tone fog-horn in the distance. For me it goes on all day and at night, and well you can guess i’m pretty mardy. I used to live in Coventry, a few miles away from the M6 motorway and the humming from that wasn’t a fraction of what i hear in Nuneaton. Last night was particularly bad.

      Maybe we are picking up the the Schumann resonance of earth itself? This has been recently reported on and apparently has intensified. I am going to seek medical help. However, i do not hold out much hope of getting an answer from a medical system which is fond of offering excuses which don’t make any sense.

  15. Update that might help. Have a look at The Noise Abatement Soceity Website under Wind Turbines and I think you may find the answer! After months of trying to discover the cause of the noise, a friend who lives 5 miles away from me heard it for the first time ! Started searching for the cause and then looked at the 3 wind turbines
    In the near vicinity. The noise corallated with the turn of the propellers! The NAS article certainly has all the data and research to explain it, plus the ever increasing complaints from people being driven mad by the low frequency sound and vibration.

  16. Ok so getting updates from this page prompted me to return and rectify my initial thoughts, simply because i eventually found out a few days later that their had been late night emergency road works on the the coastal road just around the curb of where the houses rise to the edge of saltdean. The road works had been taking place just past that bend and as a result we couldnt hear the road drill directly, but we could definitely feel a very slight vibration caused by this – the road works would also explain the reversing truck sound too (see above)…. anyway, im glad i figured it out.
    makes way more sense than any other paranormal explanation. as for the wind turbines, who knows …

  17. Hi all, I live in Ovingdean, have been driven mad by the humming, worse at night when head on pillow, and earplugs make it worse, have to sleep with Alexa on playing something, which works, driving me round the bend, sooooo tired!!!

    1. Hi. I have posted about this before. Check out the noise abatement soceity website. the article about people beibg driven to breaking point on low level noise immited by wind tubines. Their influence can be heard and felt up to 20km away!
      In my case it sounds like something drilling deep underneath my house at night, but not every night.
      Thats because the angel of the wind on the blade.A friend has watched the turbines up close and mobitired the noise. Too much of a coincidence.

      1. THank you so much for your help, much appreciated, I am so tired from lack of sleep, will check out you suggestion.


  18. I live in SW London (just south of the river from Hammersmith) and can hear it here, too. Yesterday (Sunday) it drove me crazy the whole day (usually doesn’t bother me too much). Luckily for my sanity, my daughter confirmed she could hear it, too. I think it must be there all the time, and we simply write it off as traffic/ construction/ transport/ washing machine etc, during the weekdays when there’s So much activity anyway.

    I think there are a few wind turbines west of here on the M4, so I will check out the NAS info. I think having some idea what it could be will go a long way toward my peace of mind. Otherwise, it is a slightly eery sound, isn’t it?

  19. Curiously I lived in SW London too also south of the river from Hammersmith and heard it there and thought it was factory turbines – comforting to know I wasn’t the only one be sensitive to the constant night time droning. It seemed to be amplified by the walls of the house, and disappeared as the background sounds of the day started again in the early morning. I’d heard it in East Anglia near the coast for the first time in 2004, and thought it was dredging off the coast, and even heard it in the high desert in New Mexico. In West Sussex the hum the loudest I’ve heard it anywhere. I haven’t checked the site of wind turbines but it seems most likely hypothesis. Wax plugs the only thing that seems to muffle it.

  20. Curiously I lived in the same area of SW London and heard it there and thought it was factory turbines – comforting to know I wasn’t the only one be sensitive to the constant night time droning as my family seemed immune to it. It was amplified by the walls of the house, and disappeared as the background sounds of the day started again in the early morning. I’d heard it in East Anglia near the coast for the first time in 2004, and thought it was dredging off the coast, and even heard it in the high desert in New Mexico. In West Sussex the hum the loudest I’ve heard it anywhere. I haven’t checked the site of wind turbines but it seems most likely hypothesis. Wax plugs the only thing that seems to muffle it.

  21. I have been hearing this hum in Hove for around 3 years.Always at night and worse upstairs. It seems to occasion westerly/south westerly wind direction. It is particularly bad tonight and seems to be oscillating on and off?

    1. I also live in Hove and also have been hearing humming for about 2 years. It is a low frequency oscillating hum which does fade in an out. Bit like a gas boiler running or a bearing about to fail. Much worse in doors or in the car parked outside! My wife can hear it but not as bad. Definitely keeps me awake. I have asked neighbours – nobody else seems to hears it! I hired a sound engineer who couldn’t hear it either and couldn’t see any energy spikes on his sound equipment. We are nowhere near industrial facilities and I have check other peoples’ air con units. Rooms with ‘sight’ of the sea (we are c. 3/4 km from sea – house faces East/West) are worse. The Rampion wind farm could well be the cause.

    2. Hove again! Yes, definitely hear the hum – worse at night with head on pillow and no ambient noise but can be heard during day. Oscillates a bit. Did get better for a few weeks but now worse again. I am in contact with Southern Water in case its the underground rain water and sewerage pumps at Black Rock

  22. I live in East Sussex and have heard the noise you all describe for the past 8 years. I’ve thought all number of things, but once when walking my dog very early on the beach at St Leonard’s, I thought it was coming from out at sea, which made me think what on earth is going on out there, cos couldn’t see anything, but it was definitely louder. I wonder if there are wind turbines far out at sea there then?

    Sometimes, I get up and out in the mornings, and feel that it is eerily quiet, because that droning, humming has stopped, and living in a very quiet woodland area all we hear are the birds, no traffic, just that awful noise most days.

    Recently, it stopped, I could go to bed without being kept awake, heaven! Now, February 2020, it has started again. Previously, most nights, it would suddenly, very suddenly stop after about midnight, but not anymore, on and on it goes. I get up and check my big fridge freezer, nope not that, then I go to a small freezer, nope, then the boiler, nope, all quiet, but still I can hear it. Nothing wrong with my ears, I have exceptional hearing, which is now my downfall because of this flipping droning.

    Yep, a generator, a digger going somewhere, or a vehicle running, I hear the very same. Mine kind of goes up and down though on the tone if you understand, does yours? Just like a digger does. I’m wondering about the fracking too now, but sure it’s been banned?

    Funny how you never, ever hear it on christmas day do ya, which makes me even more sceptical that it is something to do with the earth itself, because why would it stop over christmas huh? Wind turbines wouldn’t stop working on christmas day would they, but fracking, or any other type of industry would. What about the big underground gypsum mine in Robertsbridge, they work 24 hours, could it be them? There is also a big factory just next to the Asda car park in St Leonard’s, the very same type of noise comes out of there I noticed one day, but then I am getting paranoid now, because once you actually know what it is, it somehow makes it better doesn’t it.

    1. George, 5g operates at 30GHz not 60MHz, it’s non-ionizing radiation, it can’t harm you.

      I also hear it, but I’ve out it down to the huge generator at the local football stadiums massive generator or motorway roadworks generators (Crawley/M23) It’s constant, just less prevalent during the day due to other noises hiding it from what I can figure out.

  23. I have been driven mad by this humming, i live in Eastbourne near the big Tescos. Recently the noise seems louder and I’m noticing it starts around 05:30am, it disturbs me and wakes me up, it’s very low frequency and goes through my body. We are currently in this Covid19 pandemic and my anxiety is high anyway. I heard this drone before now but recently it has got unbearable loud! Last week I thought it was the army coming into Eastbourne or a helicopter or something? It’s troubling me and I’m going to try look for the source of this noise tomorrow morning as soon as I hear it. Nearest I can describe it is a huge underground diesel generator with a very low frequency idle that goes through your body, something is not right with it.

    Also on a seperate note look up 5g and the frequency it operates on, around 60mhz which apparently is the same as our brains 🧠 operate on, i don’t trust 5g at all and it’s here in Eastbourne already from O2.

  24. I have heard this hum over this last year in St Leonards. Also in London, over a similar time. More audible in the night / early morning, continuous, some pauses. Yes, similar to a distant gas or oil burner, or tunneling, as seems like a vibration in the ground. Thought maybe engineering or trains in tunnels but it is constant droning hum.

  25. I live in the 7 dials area of Brighton east sussex. I moved here 29 years ago and have been in the same accomodation all that time. There is a hum, very specific to a one block area around my street. As far as I can describe it, it is like the sound that used to happen after the test card to get you to turn your tv off. It is totally random, happens all hours of the day and night. The shortest I have heard it is about 10s and the longest is about 5-10 minutes. At the start of this year I thought it had gone as I didn’t hear it from about february until mid – May, and then there it was back again. I have to say that some people haven’t noticed it, but once pointed out, everyone can hear it. It even has it’s own facebook page started by someone who lives at the bottom of my Road. It has made me go in and shut the windows before as it drives me insane when it is going on for a long time, and I can not hear it in the house with the doors and windows shut. It is too random for any of the reasons anyone has come up with so far.

  26. We’ve been hearing the hum for all the 40 years we’ve lived in Brighton, way before wind turbines were dreamt of. It seems to be an international phenomenon without any scientific evidence or acknowledgement… a lovely mystery …

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