The Todmorden UFO Incident – Yorkshire

Dismissing the Todmorden UFO incident is no easy task. The UFO encounter, which took place at the start of the 1980s, is one of the United Kingdom’s most challenging alien encounters for the skeptic. In many cases, reports of extraterrestrial contact lack credibility. Either the witness’ character and intention can be called into question or their recollection of events can be doubted. However, the Todmorden sightings can not be readily treated with such disregard.

Events focused around a man named Alan Godfrey, a police constable, who had worked in the Todmorden area for approximately 6 years. He was much liked and enjoyed the respect of his colleagues at his local police station. Above all, he was known for being levelheaded and honest – a man you could trust.

On 28th November 1980, Godfrey was working a night shift at the station when he responded to a number of strange calls from concerned members of the public. A large herd of cows had been spotted trampling their way through a local housing estate, presumably having escaped from a local farm.

Godfrey decided to drive to the housing estate to view the bizarre incident for himself. He set out alone in a patrol car and began to make the 10 minute journey to the location. He was driving along a section of the A646, known as the Burnley Road, when he noticed something unusual ahead of his. A large object had skidded across the tarmac and appeared to be lodged at the side of the road. He continued driving and got within 20 meters of what he had seen. 

It took a couple of seconds before Godfrey fully comprehended what he was now looking at. A diamond shaped metal object was hovering at the roadside, floating several feet above the ground. His initial though was to radio back to his station to report what he was seeing. He grabbed his personal radio, but it dead. He then tried his car radio, but this too failed to work. Whatever he was observing seemed to be blocking his normal method of communicating.

Unsure of what to do next, the shocked policeman grabbed his note pad and a pen and began drawing what he was seeing. He wanted to ensure that he could accurately recall it later, so he focused carefully to note all the detail. The night seemed eerily quiet. As Godfrey sketched he became aware of just how still and silent his surrounding were. He had just added the finishing touches to his drawing when there was a sudden, massive flash of dazzlingly bright light.

A replica of the sketch drawn by PC Godfrey when he saw a UFO near Todmorden.

When Godfrey regained his vision, he found that the object he had just been sketching had entirely vanished from sight. Stranger still, he was now on the opposite side of the road, driving his car, as though he was journeying back to the police station. He applied his breaks quickly and jumped out of his vehicle to inspect the area where he had seen the object. It had been lightly raining that night, so the road was wet, except for a circular patch of tarmac where the object had been hovering. The ground there was totally dry.

Police Constable Godfrey hurried back to the station and arrived in an agitated state. He immediately explained what he had witnessed and although it sounded incredible, his colleagues believed him. He was not the sort of man to indulge in fantasy and was clearly speaking sincerely when he described what he had seen. As he went over the earlier events, he suddenly became aware of the time. He had been gone from the police station for almost one hour. This did not fit at all with what he felt. He believed he had been gone for no more than 15 minutes. 

Understandably, Godfrey found it difficult to put the experience he had had behind him. He was very bothered by the loss of time that had occurred. He felt uneasy and anxious about what could have happened to him during the missing 40 minutes. His concerns were further heightened by the appearance of a strange mark on the bottom of his foot. A highly itchy circular red patch had developed on his heel. It didn’t hurt, but it was extremely irritating and there was no explanation for what could have caused it.

A couple of days after the PC’s ordeal, an inspector from West Yorkshire Police turned paid a visit to Todmorden Police Station and requested to speak to Godfrey about what he had seen. He viewed the sketch that he had drawn of the craft and he quizzed him on the details of his encounter. Before he left, he took a moment to reassure Godfrey that his honesty was not in question. He told him that he was not alone – other police constables had also seen the strange craft.

As it turned out, 3 police officers in nearby Halifax had seen the object. They described a metallic diamond shaped craft that moved silently through the sky. It traveled at tremendous speed, but darted erratically from place to place. Eventually it flew off in the direction of Todmorden. Like PC Godfrey, the three police constable in Halifax experienced radio malfunction. They found the whole experience so perturbing that they filed an official report.

In addition to the Halifax UFO sighting, two traffic officers in Littleborough also reported a strange occurrence on the same night. They claimed to witness a similar craft to that described by Godfrey in Todmorden. It was hovering between two electricity pylons. In total, 6 police constables claimed to have witnessed a UFO on the night of 28th November 1980. Their sightings came from locations that where within 12 miles of one another and their independent reports of the craft closely matched. 

The story wasn’t quite over for PC Alan Godfrey. He still needed answers. He wanted to know what had happened to him in the lost 40 minutes. How did he suddenly come to be driving in wrong direction following the flash of light? And where did the mysterious itchy red ring on his foot come from? Eventually, Godfrey was persuaded to undergo hypnosis and during this therapy he recounted a terrifying experience in which he was taken aboard the craft and medically examined by extraterrestrials. He explains more in the interview below.

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  1. And then tied in with this is the bizarre death of zigmund adamski! I’m proud to say that this occurred in West Yorkshire close to me,that’s the first time I have seen Alan Godfrey’s sketch for some reason,it looks just like the kecksburg bell,this happened 3 years before I was born and it was also reaching towards the end of the cold war….

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