The Todmorden UFO Incident – Yorkshire

Even the most ardent skeptic must at least pause for thought when first hearing the details of the Todmordern UFO incident. When, in 1980, a respected policeman came forward to report a UFO encounter, the authorities listened. His description of events became the focal point of a much larger story, involving multiple sightings across the West Yorkshire area. British Paranormal takes a look at this now celebrated case of UFO abduction in the UK.

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Nottingham UFO Crash 1987

Did an alien aircraft crash in Nottingham in 1987? British Paranormal discusses the little know case of the Ashfield Alien Incident, which was experienced by dozens of witnesses and left a small village devastated from the destruction of a mid-air collision of extraterrestrial origin. Why did the military intervene so forcefully following what was reported to be a freak weather incident?

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The Copper Man – Historic Alien Sighting in Portsmouth

Were robots from outer space visiting our Georgian forebears? According to one set of primary materials, the late 18th Century population of Portsmouth was gripped by fear when townsfolk started spotting a metal man, capable of both amphibious movement and flight. So what was behind the curious Copper Man of Portsmouth? British Paranormal takes a look at this little known supernatural story.

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Visitors From Other Worlds – UFOs in 1950s Britain

1950s Britain is remembered for a lot of things – the Suez crisis, the ascent of Mount Everest and the coronation of Elizabeth II are just a few examples. Less well known is the fact that the decade was one of the busiest ever for UFO sightings in British skies. British Paranormal asks what led to the the boom in alien and UFO sightings in 1950s Britain?

Are Aliens Supernatural?

Aliens and UFOs have been depicted in art throughout the ages. From Peruvian hill art through to renaissance masterpieces, imagery of extraterrestrials crops up over the course of human history, originating from all cultures. So is it correct to refer to aliens and UFOs as paranormal?… Or should they be considered a component of the natural order? British Paranormal discusses aliens and how they fit with human reality.

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