Jennet Device – The Child Behind the Pendle Witch Trials

In 1612, ten people from the Lancashire borough of Pendle were sentenced to death for the crimes of witchcraft and murder. Among the flimsy body of evidence presented to the jury was the testament of a 9-year-old child. Her words helped condemn members of her own community, including her own mother and her older brother. British Paranormal takes a look at the story of Jennet Device, the child behind the Pendle Witch executions.

The Haunted Painting – Ghosts Reveal Themselves in Birmingham Artwork

In 2017, an unassuming piece of art caught the attention of UK press. Dozens of witnesses had reported experiencing bizarre paranormal activity whilst viewing it. From poltergeist activity through to ghouls climbing from the picture’s frame, the painting was alleged to be a hot spot of ghostliness. British Paranormal recounts the story of a painting that terrified adults, children and even dogs.

The Tale of Cruel Coppinger – Did a Demon Pirate Capture a Cornish Village?

Living in fear of pirate attacks was a reality for the inhabitants of early modern European coastal settlements. However, the tale of Cruel Coppinger took the terror to an altogether different level. According to legend, a small village in 18th Century Cornwall was seized single-handedly by a mysterious stranger who arrived by sea one night. British Paranormal takes a look at the tale of Cruel Coppinger and asks what truth may lay behind the story of the demon pirate of Cornwall.

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Ghosts on the Road – Stocksbridge Bypass

The Stocksbridge Bypass is the location of one of the UK’s creepiest paranormal accounts. It also happens to hold the unenviable title of being one of Britain’s most dangerous roads, having claimed a tragically high number of lives since it was first opened on Friday 13th May, 1988. British Paranormal takes a look at the story of four men, including two policemen, who claimed to have witnessed a terrifying hooded apparition haunting the bypass construction site long before the road was completed.

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10 Haunted Locations in Birmingham

Birmingham certainly has its fair share of ghosts and ghouls. From suicide victims haunting train stations through to poltergeists wrecking havoc on quiet suburban streets, Birmingham hosts them all. Birmingham’s abundance of haunted locations should come as no surprise. The city, which is the UK’s second largest, has a history that is stained with bloodshed, murder, war, witchcraft and intrigue. We take a look at our ten favourite haunted locations in Birmingham.

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The Todmorden UFO Incident – Yorkshire

Even the most ardent skeptic must at least pause for thought when first hearing the details of the Todmordern UFO incident. When, in 1980, a respected policeman came forward to report a UFO encounter, the authorities listened. His description of events became the focal point of a much larger story, involving multiple sightings across the West Yorkshire area. British Paranormal takes a look at this now celebrated case of UFO abduction in the UK.

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Hell Hound or Big Cat – Is Something Strange Stalking Brighton and Hove?

Something ghastly is stalking Brighton and Hove. For years, residents have been reporting a large, black cat-like creature prowling through the suburbs of the seaside city. Fear reached a peak when the eaten-out remains of a dead deer were found on a local golf course. Wildlife experts speculated that the predator responsible for the kill was very large and powerful and certainly not indigenous. British Paranormal takes a look at the curious case of the Portslade Panther.

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The Strange Death of The Great Lafayette – Accident or Curse?

When the Great Lafayette made a bargain involving his future funeral, he could not have known that this morbid promise would be fulfilled only days later. The internationally acclaimed illusionist would meet his end in dramatic style, succumbing to the smoke and flames of a disastrous fire. The bizarre sequence of events that led to his death naturally raise the question, was the Great Lafayette the victim of a curse?

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