The Haunted Painting – Ghosts Reveal Themselves in Birmingham Artwork

In 2017, an unassuming piece of art caught the attention of UK press. Dozens of witnesses had reported experiencing bizarre paranormal activity whilst viewing it. From poltergeist activity through to ghouls climbing from the picture’s frame, the painting was alleged to be a hot spot of ghostliness. British Paranormal recounts the story of a painting that terrified adults, children and even dogs.

Ghosts on the Road – Stocksbridge Bypass

The Stocksbridge Bypass is the location of one of the UK’s creepiest paranormal accounts. It also happens to hold the unenviable title of being one of Britain’s most dangerous roads, having claimed a tragically high number of lives since it was first opened on Friday 13th May, 1988. British Paranormal takes a look at the story of four men, including two policemen, who claimed to have witnessed a terrifying hooded apparition haunting the bypass construction site long before the road was completed.

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10 Haunted Locations in Birmingham

Birmingham certainly has its fair share of ghosts and ghouls. From suicide victims haunting train stations through to poltergeists wrecking havoc on quiet suburban streets, Birmingham hosts them all. Birmingham’s abundance of haunted locations should come as no surprise. The city, which is the UK’s second largest, has a history that is stained with bloodshed, murder, war, witchcraft and intrigue. We take a look at our ten favourite haunted locations in Birmingham.

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Is 50 Berkeley Square London’s Most Haunted House?

London can lay claim to having one of the densest populations of ghosts in Europe. You cannot walk down a street in London without running the risk of bumping into a hapless ghoul or wandering spirit. So declaring any home within the British capital to be the “most haunted house in London” is quite some claim. For years, 50 Berkeley Square enjoyed this dubious accolade, but in recent times the Victorian ghost story has come under increasing scrutiny. We revisit this intriguing tale.

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Top 10 British Royal Ghosts

The British Royal Family has stood the test of time, but its not only the living, breathing royals who are with us today. According to a multitude of reports and sightings, deceased kings, queens, princes and princesses linger on in spirit form, haunting castles and country houses across the country. We list our top 10 favourite royal ghosts.

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Credible Witnesses – 5 UK Ghost Sightings By Historical Figures

Not all self-proclaimed believers are easy to ignore. Among the many millions of people who claim to have witness ghosts number some of the the worlds most credible individuals. British Paranormal takes a look at its top 5 credible witnesses, whose accounts it is difficult to dismiss.

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The Lady of the Humber – Drowned Woman Haunts Fishermen

The Lady of Humber is a barely known water ghost that is alleged to have haunted fisherman in the Humber Estuary during the Second World War. British Paranormal discusses this fascinating case and asks whether there may be an alternative explanation to this strange apparition.

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The Ghost of James Botting, the Newgate Hangman – Hove

Hove, Brighton’s better-heeled westerly neighbour, must have a thing for hangman ghosts. If the Hangman of Hangleton wasn’t bad enough, we can add the ghost of James Botting, the Newgate Hangman, to Hove’s impressive roster of ghouls. According to local rumour, the much reviled Botting haunts the spot on which he passed 180 years ago, scorned by his community and without a friend in the world.

5,000 Year Old Ghost Child – East Brighton

Most ghost stories originate from recent history, but occasionally you’ll hear of a ghost that is prehistoric. A recent sighting of a ghost child on the Sussex Downs in Brighton potentially dates back to the start of the bronze age. So does the ghost of a prehistoric child roam the Brighton countryside? British Paranormal reports the testament of an alleged eye-witness to this creepy kiddie spook.

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